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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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We help deliver fantastic outcomes for the world’s most admired companies.

Our Mission

Lextech empowers employees so they have the Freedom to Perform in the New World of Work. We are inventive thinkers and caring partners who create technology-powered employee experiences that drive business results. We use the employee experience as a lens to focus on the core problems your business needs to solve today.

Technology Strategy Consulting

Vision and Innovation: Combined with business metrics, leading to a plan you can implement

Technology + Business Experts: We help you complete complex technical projects—and for the right reasons.

Speed-to-Value: Results measured in weeks vs. months

Employee & Consumer Experience Design

User Experience Research: Interviews, ride-alongs, experience mapping

Product Design: Design sprints, rapid product design and iteration

Visual Interface Design: Design systems, interface design

Design Training: Figma training workshops, training for Agile teams

Service Design: Workflow and customer flow analysis and improvement

Technical & Systems Architecture

Systems Mapping and Gap Analysis: A review of your existing architecture to see how new services and technologies fit in

Connecting New Tech to Legacy Systems: We create great employee experiences by connecting to data, no matter where it lives.

Data Maturity: We understand it’s not just data systems, but how people will use the data as well.

Mobile & Web Agile Development

Mobile Development: iOS, Android and cross-platform technologies (e.g. Ionic and React Native)

Responsive Web Development: From big desktop experiences to watches and wearables—and everything in between

Agile Development: Scrum, Kanban

Form Factors: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Apple Watch and other wearable technology

Back-End & Cloud Development

Wide Range of Expertise: We go as deep into the back-end code as needed to bring your technology to life, regardless of programming stack.

Cloud Experience: Containers, serverless, dockers and lambdas—we’ve worked with them all

‘Archaeological’ Integration: We excel at integrating with complex, crunchy legacy systems so they can connect to new technology.

Project/Program Management & Planning

We Lead, Not Just Manage: We have proven project experts on our team.

We help people implement changes and refinements to their existing product and program methodologies.

Sensible SAFe: Large-scale agile without the usual large-scale headaches

Application Support & Release Maintenance

Post-Launch Support: For apps in the wild, to make sure we’re proving the strategic and business value of your technology investment

Design Support: For ongoing user feedback (continuous discovery), new feature research and interface design

Development Support: For feature updates, support tickets and operational stability

Infrastructure Support: Ensure flawless performance for business-critical operations.

Product Management & Planning

Focus on Experience: Jobs-to-be-Done methodology to make sure you’re building something users actually want

Deliver Success: Develop product capabilities and value streams integrated with our technology delivery.

Speed to Value: Get your product to market quickly.

Remote Experts

We have years of experience collaborating as a distributed team in multiple countries and time zones. We are comfortable delivering services both on-site and off-site to meet your project needs.

Dynamic Teams

Rather than focus on project size or duration, we are happy to match resources in real time to your needs, whether it’s a full team for a project or a specific subject-matter expert for short-term consulting.

Award Winners

Best Places to Work in IL 2019, 2018

Bronze Edison Award winner for Best New Technology Product

Chicago Innovation Award winner

Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

Best Mobile App Development Company in Lisle, IL

Downers Grove Economic Development Cornerstone Award

TinyPulse TINYAward for Most Wins in Computer & Technology Software

Helpful Experts

Lextech cares for the communities we work with, lending our time, expertise and energy to help others succeed. We partnered with Northern Illinois University to help establish and update its mobile computer sciences curriculum, helping create a new generation of developers with the right skills to perform in the new world of work. Our team participated in the Salvation Army’s backpack drive to equip children in our community with much needed school supplies. We are also active in our local design and development communities as co-organizers and presenters for groups such as the official Figma Chicago meetup.