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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Spaghetti messes should be artwork, not data
A common problem we fix is the 'spaghetti mess' of data that field sales employees have to wade through to do their jobs effectively. (Photo by Heather Applegate)

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Lextech serves three of the largest life sciences companies in the world, improving the lives of employees, health care professionals and patients across the globe.

Healthcare and Life Science companies are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise digital innovation yet challenged by quantifying the operational results delivered. Lextech’s unique and proven methodology breaks down internal silos to unleash the power of digital technology that actually solves high-impact business problems for our clients. We simplify work by creating experiences employees love that drive measurable business results through a proven mix of technology consulting, user experience and app development.

For details on solutions we’ve delivered to healthcare and life sciences clients:

  • Sales Rep Coaching
  • Sales Force Vision of the Future
  • Improving Engagement with HCPs
  • Omni-Channel Disease State Awareness for Sales Reps
  • Patient & Nurse Advocates Care Management

As a trusted Apple partner for more than a decade, Lextech ensures that employee experiences and workflows are tailored to the unique capabilities of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, including HealthKit, CareKit and ResearchKit.

Our clients, partners and alliances in life sciences include:


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