The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Lextech creates field sales solutions as unique as your business itself.

Rather than force businesses to align to generic software, we create custom field sales solutions that define and support your strategic business advantage.

By using your field sales employee experience as a lens, Lextech focuses your custom solutions to mesh with existing CRMs such as Salesforce while optimizing their design and development to increase your sales competitive advantage.

Lighter, faster and totally integrated, our custom sales force solutions will deliver experiences your employees will love. They will make your sales teams faster, more efficient and more confident in the field — thanks to the right tools that maximize high-value work and set them up for measurable success.

As a trusted Apple partner for more than a decade, Lextech ensures that employee experiences and workflows are tailored to the unique capabilities of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch:

  • We design and deliver rich notification interactions so key workflows can be completed without opening the app
  • We use advanced deep-linking strategies to optimize how our custom apps share data with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • We redesign custom Salesforce experiences so they work seamlessly with iOS custom apps

If you need to improve the effectiveness of your sales or support teams, give them better tools to succeed in the field, and drive real results, email us today at!

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